Apache Jakarta POI Assignment Help

Apache Jakarta POI Assignment Help
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Apache Jakarta POI Assignment Help

An Introduction to Apache Jakarta POI

Apache Jakarta POI is an API that permits the programmers to modify, create, and display the files of MS office with the help of Java programs. It is the open source library that is developed as well as distributed by the Apache Software Foundation for designing and modifying the Microsoft Office files with Java program. It comprises the methods and the classes for decoding the input data of the users or the files into MS office. Mon Apache any small and medium level application developers are dependent on Apache Jakarta POI (HHSSF+XSSF) heavily. When the students search for Apache Jakarta POI assignment help, they contact BookMyEssay. Our online tutors not only offer them assignment solutions but also improve their understanding of the topic. The team of experts at BookMyEssay have vast experience in solving the assignments so they can provide the required guidance on Apache Jakarta POI case study assignment writing assistance.

Apache Jakarta: An Overview

Apache Jakarta POI contains the methods for working on the OLE2 compound of the MS Office. You have to be very versatile in this subject to write the assignments professionally. The components of Apache POI according to the Apache Jakarta POI assignment paper help offered by BookMyEssay are listed below as follows:

  • Poor Obfuscation Implementation File System or POIFS – It is the main factor regarding the other POI elements. It can read the various files clearly.
  • Horrible Spreadsheet Format or HSSF – It is used for reading and writing the xls format of the files of MS Excel.
  • XML Spreadsheet Format or XSSF – It is used for the file format of xlx of MS-Excel.
  • Horrible Property Set Format or HPSF – It is used for extracting the property sets of MS-Office files.
  • Horrible Word Processor Format or HWPF – It is used for reading as well as writing the extension files of docs of the MS-Word.
  • Horrible Slide Layout Format or HSLF – It is used to create, read, and edit the PowerPoint presentations.
  • Horrible DiaGram Format or HDGF – It contains the methods and classes for the binary files of MS-Visio.
  • Horrible PuBlisher Format or HPBF – It is used for reading as well as writing the MS-Publisher files.

The Jakarta Project both created and maintained an open source software for Java. It operated as the umbrella project under the Apache Software Foundation. The best thing about our assignment help service on Apache Jakarata POI is that they keep professional knowledge in this field. All the Jakarta products are subsequently released under Apache Licence. The Jakarta project retired in December 2011 and no sub-projects were remaining. In 2018, Jakarta EE was the new name for Java Enterprise Edition.

The advanced features of Apache Jakarta POI are the following:

  • Backing the Apache Foundation
  • It supports the xls as well as the xlsx formats
  • It provides stream processing, which is suitable for the huge files and needs very less memory.
  • It offers great support to work with the MS-Excel documents and it can handle the XLS and the XLSX formats.
  • It contains the implementation of HSSF for XLS
  • The XSSF implementation can be used for .xlsx file format.
  • It offers the mechanisms for reading, modifying, and writing the excel spreadsheets
  • It offers the SXSSF API, an extension of XSSF for working with the huge excel sheets.

The experts associated with Apache Jakarata POI homework and assignment help keep updated knowledge in all these advanced features of this software system.

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