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An Introduction to Antitrust

Antitrust law was introduced and proposed by the United States of America. This law is proposed by the federal as well as the state government. It is used for regulating the rules and conduct of the businesses and for promoting fair competition between the companies for the consumers’ benefits. Antitrust laws basically serve three purposes- promoting healthy competition among the business organization, preventing monopolization, and achieving allocative efficiency. Students pursuing Economics are often given to write an essay assignment on this topic. To get Antitrust assignment help from BookMyEssay, you have to submit your requirement to us online. Our online best assignment helper guarantee to provide the answers before the deadline. The team of writers can offer you incredible solutions that are completely free of 100% plagiarism. Writing assignment on economics topic not just requires theory but requires numerous diagrammatic and numerical analysis. So, if you lack knowledge or get stuck then definitely opt for Antitrust assignment and homework help from us.

Antitrust- An Overview

Antitrust law is functional for more than a century and the basis of the law is the Sherman Act formulated in 1890. Two more acts were formulated after that for regulating the business organization. All these three acts formed the main part of the Antitrust laws that you can know in a better way with Antitrust law assignment help. The following are the Acts:

  • Sherman Act (1980)- This law regulated the increase in price by putting a restriction on trade and supply. It works towards promoting healthy competition and also ensures the consumers do not face repercussions. It prevents cartels formation and monopolization.
  • The Federal Trade Commission Act (1914)- This law prevents the unfair means of practicing as well as promoting competition.
  • The Clayton Act (1914)- This act was formulated for restricting anticompetitive practices. It describes the code of conduct, which is prohibited.

Factors of the Antitrust Laws

Antitrust law was developed specifically for promoting healthy competition in the open market economy and also prohibiting restrictive business practices. The experts of Antitrust essay help keep intensive knowledge in this aspect. These laws have the power for limiting the business prospects for ensuring fair competition. The limitations are the following:

  • Price fixing is the agreement where the competitors determine fixing the price of buying and selling a product for reducing competition and increasing margins.
  • Market allocation wherein the competitors divide the market among themselves.
  • Bid rigging wherein a commercial contract is promised to a party where others are also present. This reduces the competition.
  • Competition law can be used for controlling the competition by adopting the policies that are anti-competitive and are used by the organizations. This law may be implemented by the private as well as the public organizations. It is greatly used in the countries such as Japan, Korea, and many more.
  • When the antitrust law is violated, then three kinds of measures are available. The actions are done by the department in civil as well as criminal areas.

Advantages of Antitrust Laws

  • It helps in curbing the illegal trade practices such as cartel formation, etc.
  • It helps in protecting the business houses because it promotes good and fair competition and does not allow the big businesses to poach or spoil the small and medium businesses in the same market.
  • It helps in preserving the economy and make the economy favorable to the consumers. Equality is maintained in the economy through antitrust, thus all kinds of business get enough scope within their capabilities.
  • Though the law has a harsh approach, it is helpful in studying the human psychology in a better way.
  • It motivates the human beings involved in the business process.
  • It defeats the emergence of illegal activities and has laid down the mechanisms that can detect the illegal practices immediately.
  • This law can be applied in diverse industries including healthcare.

Antitrust law is presently in existence and shall prevail in the future for helping the businesses and consumers alike. You have to keep updated knowledge on all the major aspects of this lad and related procedures to write an assignment efficiently. You can also take expert assignment assistance for Antitrust subject.

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