AngularJS Computer Science Assignment Help

AngularJS Computer Science Assignment Help
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AngularJS Computer Science Assignment Help

AngularJS is the open source structure of web application. It is maintained by the community of developers and mainly by the Google. It gives direction to the many developers for making a one-page application. The main objective is to make the development and testing process simple by giving MVC framework to the clients together with the components and make it an internet right application. AngularJS is an important topic of the Computer Science subject, this being a tough topic students often face difficulty in solving the assignments. They look for the best online professional help for preparing computer science assignments. BookMyEssay assists you in preparing the best AngularJS Computer Science assignment help according to the university requirements. We ensure that the assignments are unique and original. We are the ultimate choice because we have highly qualified expert professionals who are excellent at their work. Moreover, we never delay in submitting the assignments.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source MVC framework that is similar to the Java framework. It is a popular modern-day framework of the web that is available today. This framework is mainly used to develop the single page applications. It has been developed by the developers from Google. It has the support and ideas of Google and therefore the framework is always updated and it also incorporates the latest trends present in the market.

The features of AngularJS include the following:

  • MVC – It is built on the concept of Model View Controller. This pattern is used in all the web applications of the modern day. It splits the logic, presentation, and data layer of the business into separate sections. The division is done to manage it more easily.
  • Data Model Binding – You do not have to write special code for binding the data to HTML controls. This is done by Angular.
  • Lesser code Writing – For the DOM application you have to write few codes with the help of AngularJS.
  • Ready Unit Testing – The Google designer developed not only Angularframework but also the testing framework known as Karma that helps to design the test units for AngularJS applications.

AngularJS Advantages

Some of the advantages of this framework are mentioned below as follows:

  • As the framework is open source, the errors are minimal.
  • It is a two-way binding framework. It keeps the presentation and the data layer in sync. You do not require to write another JavaScript code for keeping the data in the HTML code in sync with the later data. AngularJS does this automatically.
  • Routing- Routing is the fundamental point for the single page applications and this framework takes care of this aspect. Through this, you can move to other functions on the web application based on the interaction of the users while remaining on the same page.
  • It supports Integration Testing as well as Unit Testing.
  • It extends HTML through the own elements known as directives. These directives help to extend the functions of the present HTML elements and give powerto the web applications.

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