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Amorphous Assignment Help

Amorphous metals or glass metals are usually alloys of different metals prepared under controlled processes and have innumerable industrial uses. These alloys of different metals look almost like different shapes of glasses but their characteristics are quite different from that of glasses. Students of engineering subject, chemistry, chemical engineering, and metal science are often given assignments on amorphous metals. Such assignments range from manufacturing processes of these alloys to different applications of these alloys.

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An overview of amorphous metals:

Amorphous metals have wide range of industrial applications. It is made possible for the metals’ better properties than the corresponding metals, e.g. the strength of amorphous metal of steel is ten times better than raw steel or their fracture toughness is almost 2.5 times higher than raw steel. The most popular amorphous metals which are made with magnetic metals like iron, cobalt or nickel in combination with boron, silicon and phosphorus are known for their higher magnetic susceptibility, lower coercivity and higher electrical resistance. Besides many other properties of amorphous metals are quite better than the corresponding crystalline form of the base materials.

For this reasons, amorphous metals have been successfully used in higher efficiency transformers, in different biomedical tools, in manufacturing composites of nano particles and so on. Researchers are still working on different aspects of amorphous metals and successfully using them in different purposes like in manufacturing electrical, electronics, thermal and mechanical devices as also for manufacturing medical devices, replacement of bone tissues etc.

From a scientific perspective, amorphous metals or metallic glasses very useful because many of their significant properties and performance are only now just beginning to be understood. The primary challenge for the researchers in understanding them comes about because it is very difficult to depict the basic structure or detect the defects in the molecular structure of an amorphous metal than it is of a crystalline material.

In fact, this field of science and technology is still expanding and as it is expanding, more and more types of amorphous metals with some distinctive properties are coming up.

Some aspects on amorphous metals specifically taught to the students

 Amorphous metals are specially prepared alloys having some extremely favorable characteristics for different industrial uses particularly in manufacturing industry. Students are mainly given knowledge on various properties of alloys like the following ones –

  • Elastic and anelastic behavior
  • Static properties
  • Ductile and toughness
  • Deformation and fracture

They are imparted in-depth knowledge on stability of amorphous structures which includes thermal stability and stability under stress etc.

The tougher sides of amorphous metal assignments

The subject is truly very dynamic. Students are given assignments on amorphous metals, require lots of study and in-depth knowledge on the subject. Assignments on amorphous metals also need elaborate analysis on the properties of the metals, their distinctiveness and dissimilarities from corresponding crystalline metals. Assignments are also given where students need to find out whether an amorphous metal is suitable for a particular application or not. So, all these require good hold on the basic characteristics of various types of amorphous metals.

It is really tough for a student who is just getting accustomed with various aspects of these types of metals to write assignments. Not only lack of sufficient knowledge, but also many other lacking hinders the job of assignment writing. Such deficits are like the following ones –

  • Majority of students handling assignments on amorphous metals fail to create proper structures of the assignments. They couldn’t introduce the images correctly or in correct places, they also fail to give correct references and sometimes misplace the subheadings. As a whole, they mess up the entire assignments, which lead to poor grades.
  • They fail to follow guidelines provided with their assignments. That too seriously affect the quality of assignments.

All these problems lead to poor show in assignment writing tasks. But, assignments are important part of assessment for the students. These assignments not only carry marks, but also influence final grades of the students. That is why, assignments on amorphous metals keep the students sleepless.

Support provides by the expert writers

Expert writers in this field provides all support to complete these assignments successfully. These writers are academically qualified people who are also experienced in handling amorphous metals in different industrial environments. They also keep up-to-date knowledge on various aspects of amorphous metals. Hence, students depend on them completely for accomplishing their assignments in time. These writers of BookMyEssay provide neatly written assignments by adhering to the guidelines provided by the examiners. So, at the end their remains no chance of losing vital marks in the final assessments of these tasks.

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