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An Introduction to Alice

Alice is a freeware 3D programming environment. It follows the oriented programming. Alice helps the students to understand the basic concepts of programming using the 3D objects in the virtual world. It offers an easy and convenient way of creating animation, 3D games, and videos in the MOV format. Students are often given assignments case study writing on Alice topic for which they avail Alice assignment help from BookMyEssay. Students prefer using Alice because it is simple, they have to drag and drop. In the beginning, the students may find the Alice programming difficult but after knowing the basics, it is very easy to make animations using Alice. The homework writers of BookMyEssay compose all the assignments right from scratch after receiving the requirements from the students. They are highly skilled and thus they can shape the assignments just like the way the students want them. The students are assured of the highest quality Alice assignment writing help from us.

Alice – An Overview

Alice is the innovative programming environment through which you can easily create animations, build the interactive narratives, or program the simple games, all in 3D. It motivates learning by creative exploration. It is intended for teaching the logical and the computational thinking skills, and the programming fundamental skills. This project offers supplemental materials and tools to teach Alice and it has proved its benefits to retain the diverse groups.

The teachers at the schools from the lower levels to the middle levels including the universities use Alice. It is used in the school classrooms and also afte- school programming and in all kinds of subjects that range from the language arts to the visual arts to the programming fundamentals and the Java courses. According to the research studies, Alice has an immense positive effect on the retention and the performance of computer science education.

Alice was developed mainly to address the basic core problems that are there in educational programming. They have been explained very well by our Alice essay homework help experts.

  • It was designed for teaching the programming theory minus the complicated semantics of the languages like C++. From the gallery of Alice, the users can put the objects into a virtual world they had imagined and thereafter they can program it using the dragging and the dropping tiles. The users can employ the camera and light of Alice for making further enhancements. It can be also used for the 3D user interfaces.
  • It can be utilized with Netbeans for converting Alice into Java.
  • It is adjoined with IDE. You do not have to remember any syntax. It supports the object-based programming and the event-driven programming model.
  • It is planned to target the particular sub-populations that are not usually exposed to the computer as the students of the middle schools. It is used by the college and the university students an introduction to the programming codes.

This software is available as Alice 2.0, which is meant for the high school and the middle-school students who put a lot of importance on learning computer programming. The other version is the Alice storytelling which is a digital storytelling and simple program and it gives an introduction to the basic computer programming. Both the versions have similar interfaces and concepts for engaging young people for creating interactive projects.

When you want the younger children to know about programming and you want to provide the college students an introduction on the computer science curriculum then Alice gives you an easily accessible view of the programming theories and principles. After using Alice, the students when being introduced to the text-based and traditional language they can combine the knowledge of the programming logic with the new syntax that they learn. It has plain-text coding which the new programmers can understand and it narrows the gap between the visual language and the text-based environment.

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