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Air Pollution Assignment Help
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Air Pollution Assignment Help

Air pollution is one of the most talked about topics in every nook and corner of the world today. Students in schools and colleges are also taught the damaging effects of air pollution on the earth and how it’s affecting living world on the earth. This subject has also become a part of projects and assignments frequently given to students.

The sole motto to introduce this subject in school or college curriculum is to aware students regarding its ever increasing effects on nature and different ways to minimize air pollution. As such, assignments on air pollution needs good knowledge on different aspects of science and technology. At higher levels, students may have to relate air pollution with bio-sciences and economics. Whatever may be the topic of an assignment, BookMyEssay is there to make the task easy for a student.

Air pollution: A brief idea

Clean air is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and water particles. Some other gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen is also present in air in small quantities. Only when foreign particles and gases that are not the main constituents of air, mixes with air and harms the entire living world directly or indirectly, it is abbreviated as ‘Air pollution’.

Air pollution is completely a man made issue that affects human as also other animals. Discharges from factories, and vehicles are the primary causes of air pollution. These days, many other allied causes have also arisen. Refrigerators and ACs, which are the primary requirements of modern lifestyle, are also contributing harmful gases that are making air unfit for leading a healthy life.

Assignments given to science students on air pollution often require details knowledge on the types of gases that cause air pollution and how these gases harm living organisms. Some gases that cause air pollution are as follows –

  • Sulphur dioxide – Coal, Petroleum products contain Sulphur. When these products burn, Sulphur present in them reacts with oxygen of air forming Sulphur dioxide. Over deposit of this harmful gas severely destroys air quality causing lungs diseases, acid rain and smog etc.
  • Carbon monoxide – This is another pernicious gas that is also formed when fuels in factories and vehicles burns very first.
  • Carbon dioxide – This gas is formed everywhere in abundant quantities. This gas is the main cause of global warming on the earth.
  • Nitrogen oxides – Nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide are two primary air pollutants produced as an ancillary outcome of combustion, when nitrogen and oxygen from the air react together. Nitrogen oxide normally comes from automobiles and power plants. It plays a vital role in the creation of acid rain, holes in ozone layer and smog.
  • Fine particles – These are the sooty deposits in air that blacken buildings and trees and cause breathing problems. Particulates of different sizes from factories and automobiles are often discharged in open air causing air pollution.

Apart from these, many other harmful gases like some organic gases, CFCs, and fine particles of heavy metals also adds up profusely to air pollution.

Assignments on Air Pollution

It’s hard to predict on which topic an science assignment will be given. It may ask to explain the effect of pollutants on human health or effect of gases on earth’s weather. Teachers and lecturers become very innovative in this matter. There are plenty of issues on which assignments could be given. But a student needs ensure that –

  • He has in-depth knowledge on every aspect of air pollution like the gases that cause air pollution, effects of these gases, solution in hand against air pollution etc.
  • He may require to access various data on air pollution. When he is asked to write on health issues related to air pollution, he may need to put some data on total number of people suffering from lungs problems or rate of increase of leukemia patients all over the world etc.

Assignments on air pollution is a perfect amalgamation on science and arts. Mere knowledge on gases, green house effects or showing the harmful effects of air particles etc. are not sufficient unless and until the assignment is written in perfect English.

In fact, all these basic requirements become the primary cause of concern for great many students. That is why, they come in contact with BookMyEssay – an ultimate solution for assignment writing.

Benefits of Professional Help

BookMyEssay engages the best writers to complete assignments on behalf of the students. These writers are very experts in writing assignments on air pollution. They possess all relevant knowledge, they could access all required data and above all they are experts in English writing. Hence, they complete assignments by properly following the guidelines. They also complete their jobs well within the deadlines provided by the students. As a result, students always get high scores out of these assignments.

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