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Adobe Content Server (ACS) Assignment Help

Adobe Content Server 6 (ACS) – An Introduction

Adobe Content Server rendered high end server solution which safeguards digitally protects PDF and EPUB eBooks. This software assimilates with bookstore technology libraries online to offer a smooth acquisition and fulfilment experience. These techniques are employed by a vast collection of schools, bookstores, and libraries across the globe. Concisely, Adobe Content Server Assignment Help defines this software to be high end that protects PDF and EPUB eBooks that is compatible with mobile devices and computer systems. This software comes handy to configure high protection controls that facilitate easy provisioning of content that can be lend for purchase. Also, the safeguarded content can be easily accessed from computers, mobile devices with the help of DL Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, and other viewers that are founded on Adobe Reader Mobile SDK.

What is the Advantage of Using Adobe Content Server 6 (ACS)?

Adobe Content Server is a talented software that employs a server-controlled approach to DRM (Digital Rights Management). It was launched by the leading brand Adobe to safeguard content included in the PDF documents. The basic purpose of its launch was to deliver a high-end extension to the already existing DRM controls which are rendered by Adobe as featured within the PDF product.  What makes this software high end security tool for PDF documents is that it is equipped with control user access which can be done with the help of a password, manage and protect against unwanted editing etc.

Adobe Content Server employ superior DRM controls which can be introduced to many PDF documents as well as to other documents with the help of Adobe digital editions in ePub format. It was then employed to various platforms which hold the calibre of processing multiple formats. Adobe Content Server assignment help also creates awareness regarding the joining fee attached to Adobe Content Server licensing model along with an annual maintenance fee. These expenses are teamed up with a charge that is levied on per protected document that are dispatched to the end customer.

Discussing the Core Software Features in Adobe Content Server Assignment Writing Help

  • It protects the PDF documents and files so that they remain safe from unpermitted use with the help of Digital Rights Management controls
  • It puts several controls and conditions on PDF printing or control
  • It employs strict rule against screen grabbing and use of important documents in unsafe client environments
  • It sends alerts as and when the PDF documents expire to cancel the same
  • Easy process that helps in distributing and monetizing the eBooks and PDF files.
  • It supports all the open as well as industry-standard formats so that the publishers enjoy the liberty to pursue their own business models
  • Provides easy book use for potential customers purchase that all gets listed in the eBook readers queue automatically.
  • Its impressive School Model enables the top most education institutions to access required set of books through their devices passing through the distributor’s content management platform.
  • It enables the customers to access and employ their store credentials to approve reading app, easily shop for books, and get to read the already bought books.
  • Distributors or publishers have the choice to enforce much robust DRM on books that they find more prone to theft. As soon as the flag gets set, the particular books are opened on RMSDK 10.0 by readers.
  • Lending of books is also a facility wherein the readers can borrow eBooks for a specified time period with the condition of returning the content
  • Bulk Loading of Books facilitates the distributors to pre-load and hold the purchase license for DRM books that need to be distributed in a school/district with the help of different devices. This will save students time to make multiple downloads for a single book on a device along with freeing students from login requirement.
  • The content is free to be published in varying standard file formats namely EPUB, PDF, or EPUB3 which are common industry-standard followed for digital eBooks.

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