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ActiveX Assignment Help Online

ActiveX is another popular product of Microsoft product that can be seamlessly embedded with all types of software we generally use to access different web contents. It helps to download all types of contents like image, videos, and texts from the networks. Before using it in a different environment you have to know its applications and learn how to use it in a different environment. Our ActiveX assignment help service is hugely popular among trainee developers and computer science students learning the applications and benefits of ActiveX. We have a team of ActiveX experts who handle these homework and assignments help the students to submit high-quality visual basic assignments right in time.

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  • The deadlines keep the students tensed and confused – with so many engagements right from early morning to midnight, it really tough to keep pace with the deadline of an assignment.
  • The research work may be problematic – Students often find it difficult to pursue the research work. The topic may be unclear or the resources may not be sufficient.
  • Insufficient knowledge on the topic – Subjects like ActiveX is always vast and complicated. Students require much time to understand the lessons. Thus, an ActiveX assignment topic may seem unapproachable.

Your problems need immediate attention otherwise your marks may reduce affecting your grade in the final examination.

 ActiveX: An Overview

ActiveX is an excellent framework that is developed by Microsoft in the year 1996. It is highly used for sharing information among different types of applications. ActiveX is popularly called as ActiveX controls or simply controls. It is mainly adapted from two well-known technologies of Microsoft. They are Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and Component Object Model (COM). The best thing about the ActiveX framework is that it is not dependent on Microsoft Windows Operating System and can be run on any common operating system. However, it is seen that people mainly use ActiveX in Microsoft Windows.

Features of ActiveX

ActiveX has some excellent feature for which users highly use it. Some of the common features are discussed as follows:

  • Compatible with all types of barcodes: ActiveX supports every type of barcode. It can permit the user to get full control of each individual barcode symbology.
  • High-Resolution graphics: ActiveX also provides high-resolution graphics. It is fully scalable and is completely device independent. It can provide high-resolution print on any type of printer that is installed on Windows.
  • Reusable component: ActiveX controls are designed in such a way that it can be reused again and again. This is why if a web developer develops a website with ActiveX then it is not necessary to create his own ActiveX instead of what he can do is that he can use the existing ActiveX controls. Thus, with ActiveX developers can save a lot of time.
  • Security issues: As per as security issue is concerned ActiveX control is the best control as compared to any other controls. When a website is developed with ActiveX the attackers generally do not try to exploit the ActiveX controls. This is because the Internet Explorer 7 is designed in such a way that it will display a warning message every time a website attempts to use the ActiveX controls. Thus, ActiveX is much secured.

Application of ActiveX

ActiveX is mainly used to create various types of controls. The best thing is that ActiveX can be easily downloaded for free and can be executed by any type of web browser. However, there are some rules that you need to follow while using ActiveX controls. It is somewhat similar to Java applet but unlike Java Applet it can provide you the full access to the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Thus, ActiveX controls are very useful for making an excellent website.

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