Above the Line and Below the Line Promotion Assignment Help

Above the Line and Below the Line Promotion Assignment Help
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Above the Line and Below the Line Promotion Assignment Help

If you are a student of marketing, perhaps you know something about above the line and below the line sales promotion. If you have not come across any such terms, soon the lessons will be covered on that important topic. We are providing best assignment assistance for any types of topics on above the line and below the line promotion assignment writing. Our marketing assignment writers are experts in this field and skilled assignment writers too.

What’s Our Motto?

At BookMyEssay, we have developed a common motto: Providing academic assignment help to the students to keep them composed and stress-free.

Assignments on Above the line and Below the line promotion are always challenging as there is no hard and fast rule in writing these assignments. So, we have designed a way for your benefit. If you have a big dream with your career, we are here to provide a significant support to you.

Above the line and Below the line promotion

In marketing profession, these two terms are widely known as ATL and BTL. The concept is solely related to sales promotion and advertising. There is nothing new in the concept, in fact, it was first used by the famous P&G company way back to the late 1950s.

There are two modes of advertising and sales promotion possible in any market these days: you can reach the targeted mass through the mass media like television and newspaper or you can make it more one-to-one through email, social media, leaflets, stickers, pamphlets, etc. The first type is called Above the line or ATL type of promotion and the second one is called Below the line or BTL type of sales promotion. Have you ever noticed the sales persons doing a campaign with their products new a metro station or residential complex or in the marketplace? They are demonstrating the utility of the products or distributing samples which are a form of BTL marketing.

A comparison between ATL and BTL marketing types

Let’s have a closer look at the two, you will have a vivid picture of the two after reading the comparison:

Above the Line (ATL) Below the Line (BTL)
This is generally called mass marketing as there remains a little scope to make it for a specific demography. This is called direct marketing as in this type of marketing the marketer can target a specific demography or a market.
Television, Internet, Newspaper, etc. are the medium to reach to the customers or prospects here. Email, Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, Handbills, Pamphlets, Trade shows, etc. are the best way for BTL sales promotion.
The communication with the targeted market is one way, the marketer has no scope to listen to the people instantly or get their reaction. This is more one-to-one mode of marketing. The marketer gets instant reaction regarding the product or service from the targeted prospects or existing customers.
As it reaches the mass in minimum time, a marketer uses it for the product awareness, like the launch of a new product or the benefits of the product. As it is a direct marketing style, a marketer can use it for understanding their customers or the targeted market better.
It is an expensive mode of sales promotion. It is not expensive.
It is mostly used by large companies who want to sell their products to a wide class of people. It is used by small and medium scale manufacturers and service providers, especially whose market is limited.
Here the marketer has less flexibility and remains very little scope to experiment with the content of sales promotion. Here the marketer has a wide scope for experimenting with different modes of sales promotion and contents.

Above the line and Below the line Promotion Assignment Writing Help

In most of the assignments, you will be first asked to choose the correct marketing style or mix the best of two marketing styles and write a solution. A proper explanation in support of your choice like why television advertising is appropriate in a given situation or why the direct demonstration of the product is more fruitful may need an appropriate explanation before showing the plan of the sales promotion more elaborately. If you fail to write with proper analysis and data, you will definitely lose marks. Besides, you need to have the focus on the guidelines and deadline of the assignment.

This may not be as easy as it listens. Lots of research work required to explain the matter and then you have to write in impeccable English. A little bit of professional Above the line and Below the line promotion assignment help from our expert writers can ease the situation. Our writers will help you to write with professional approach within the deadline.

So, you will never miss any marks just for a non-professional or casual approach. And all these possible at an affordable rate.

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