Types of Essays

Types of Essays
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Essay Writing Help – Types of Essays

Writing an essay efficiently is key to any academic success irrespective of the levels of studies, or subjects. Successful completion of an essay depends on several factors, including structure, and content of the essay. In any case, examiners expect highly engaging, technically correct essays.

Types of Essays:

Essays have different types of Essays. A student needs to understand what kind of essays he needs to write. BookMyEssay provide Essay writing help on almost all subjects to students who are studying in Australia, UK and USA.

Here are those Categories of Essays:

  1. Narrative Essays – As the name suggests, in a narrative essay, a writer tells a real-life story with elaborate description. In social sciences, arts, and literature, narrative essays are quite common. In history, students are often asked to write an essay on a particular battle, or kingdom, where they need to narrate the historical events of that kingdom, or major incidents of the battle elaborately. Vivid description of an event is a must in a narrative essay, otherwise, the real essence of the essay may be lost. Use of correct words, headings, and subheadings are necessary. Induction of a narrative essay is important, because it generates the primary interest about the essay.
  2. Descriptive Essays – It is an extended form of narrative essay, also bears an essence of analytical essay. In a descriptive essay, description of the subject matter is too important. Students, who can use correct sentences, paragraphs, and information can write a descriptive essay more efficiently than their classmates. A good descriptive essay is highly engaging in nature, and depicts a clear picture of the event, which is described. Examiners often complain that students often fail to write a descriptive essay, as they fail to use good language, and write properly.
  3. Informative Essay – In these types of essays, students are asked to provide necessary information to describe an event elaborately. Here, providing information with correct data is important, not the description of the event. So, the data, or information needs to be authentic. In an expository essay, a student explains or defines the topic with relevant facts, data, statistical interpretations, and accurate examples. Essays in science, sociology, anthropology, etc. are often given to write in this way. Essays where comparisons or differences are made also belong to this category. Expository essays are mostly based on facts, not on the writer’s personal opinion. So, the students need to be cautious while writing these kinds of essays.
  4. Persuasive Essays – These are the trickiest types of essays that need absolute skill in writing as also in the subject matter. In a persuasive essay, the students need to put correct facts, and information, after that, they need to analyze the topic on the basis of data or information used. After analyzing the matter, he needs to make his own judgement in a skillful manner. The success of a persuasive essay lies in the presentation of one’s own decision in such a way that the reader will be bound to accept the writer’s view. Writing a persuasive essay is not an easy affair. Students often fail to motivate their examiners due to weak interpretation. Top-class assignment writing services and Essay writing help services provider, like BookMyEssay often get emails from students with a request to help in writing persuasive essays and original paper writing help online.

Step to Write a Good Essay on Any Topic:

For writing a good essay, following three criteria are necessary:

  • Expert knowledge on the subject matter.
  • Expert level of writing skill.
  • Understanding the type of essay to be written.

In most of the situations, the examiner will not tell, what type of essay, he is expecting, neither it will be written in the guideline. So, a student needs to be very judgmental in this matter. Otherwise, taking expert help with essay writing will make the task in the best possible way.

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