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The League of Nations Assignment Help
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The League of Nations Assignment Help

The League of Nations abbreviated as LN was an international diplomatic group that was developed post World War I to solve disagreements between nations before they blew up into open warfare. The League of Nations witnessed some victories but it has a combined record of success before getting involved with battle resolution. However, the League finished operations at the time of World War II.

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The Purpose of The League of Nations

The origins of The League of Nations lies in the speech of President Woodrow Wilson in January 1918 and there, he outlined his thoughts on peace after the butchery of the First World War. Woodrow Wilson intended an organization which was charged to resolve conflicts prior to their blast into warfare and bloodshed. However, in the same year by December, Wilson set off for Paris for transforming his fourteen points and that turned into the Treaty of Versailles. After seven months, he got back to the US with the treaty that comprised of the notions of what turned the League of Nations.

Henry Cabot Lodge, a Republican Congressman from Massachusetts got involved in a fight against the treaty and Lodge believed in both the League and the treaty undercut the United States sovereignty in international matters. As a response, Wilson decided to take the debate to the Americans and embarked on a train journey for selling the treaty to the audiences but he had to cut his tour in the midway because of sickness and exhaustion. When he returned to Washington, D.C, he suffered a stroke. Nonetheless, Congress wasn’t supportive of the treaty and the US flatly declined to participate in the LN.

Reasons Behind the Failing of The League of Nations

When the Second World War broke out, the majority of the associates of the League didn’t get involved and turned neutral, expect the members of Germany and France. In 1940, League members, such as Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and France fell to Hitler and Switzerland turned panicky regarding hosting an organization which was viewed as one Allied one and during this time, the League started dismantling its offices.After this, the Allies sanctioned the notion of the UN and it held its initial planning session in San Francisco in the year 1944 and ended the possibility of the return of the LN after the war.

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