The Indian Contract Act, 1872 Assignment Help

The Indian Contract Act, 1872 Assignment Help
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The Indian Contract Act, 1872 Assignment Help Online

The Indian Contract Act, 1872 has been reviewed as an important legal inclusion in the Commercial Law. In the absence of this Act, businesses would be cumbersome and faulty. This act favours easy trade activity or for that matter any other with respect to employment law. This is regarded as a business community that is linked to the contract Act. Its main objective is to ensure outlining of rights and obligations which are associated with the term Contract. These legalities need to be honoured and in absence of this accomplice, it might invite legal repercussions. Section 1of The Indian Contract Act, 1872, explains all the essentialities that are attached to a contract. To understand these essentialities, legal students seek professional The Indian Contract Act, 1872 assignment help online from BookMyEssay.

Explaining the Division of Indian Contract Act, 1872

As a crux to this act, students must learn about the general division of the Indian Contract Act. Previously, this act presented as huge scope and added a series of sections ranging as follows:

  • Section 1 to 75 explaining all the General Principles of Contract
  • This is followed by Section 76-123 that explains about the legalities involved in Sale of Goods Act
  • The subject of Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee is covered under Sections 124 -147
  • contracts of Bailment and Pledge is explained under Sections ranging from 148-181
  • Section 182-238 is of Agency
  • One can refer to Section 239-266 for learning about Partnership

The Indian Contract Act, 1872 Assignment Writing Help Defines the Nucleus Concept of this Act 

The Indian Contract Act,1872, is introduced to simplify the ways in which two parties enter into a “contract“. As the name indicates, this act comes into validation post fulfilling the primary condition that there need to be a contract.  Contract is defined as an agreement which is recognised and enforced under law. By “agreement” one must understand that it is a promise or a set of promises made by one party to another to have a mutual consensus over a deal. The Indian Contract Act, 1872 assignment help deals with all the scenarios and issues that might get encountered when acceptance is issues and contact come into force. So, here are the stages of a contract explained in detail.

  • Offer – It is the initial stage in a contract in which the agreement process is realised. When one party promises a deal to another party, this process is termed as offer. The offer might involve sale/purchase/rent or other provisions pertaining to a good or writing service.
  • Acceptance – This is the next stage in which the given offer is understood in the actual sense complying with the understanding of the person who made the offer. Post assessing the offer and its conditions, an agreement is accepted. It hints the offeree’s inclination to enter into a deal which is bound by the terms stated in the proposal/offer communicated by the offers.
  • Agreement – Post offer and acceptance, the given proposal tuns into an “agreement” which is pre-staged contract that comes into enforcement with the free consent of involved persons/parties. The agreement must include a lawful consideration in which deal is made for a lawful object so that it does not stand void. Minors, people with unstable mind are not recognised as competent parties to get into a contract.
  • Consent – It is an important stage as well as feature of a contract. For both the parties to enter into a valid contract, both the parties must ensure that it is free from misrepresentation, error or any kind of misunderstanding to stand valid. Both the parties must agree to the essentials terms of a contract to ensure that a lawful contract is formed which become effective at the date of signing by contracting parties.
  • Consideration – Lastly, The Indian Contract Act, 1872 assignment help focuses on teaching students about the significance of common and legal consideration by the contracting parties. They must enter into the law-abiding agreement with a clear intention fulfil contract terms and agree to its important elements.

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