The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1982-99 Assignment Help

The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1982-99 Assignment Help
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The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1982-99 Assignment Help Online

History of Soviet Union that spans the period from 1982-1999 has everything from the death of Leonid Brezhnev to its dissolution. A huge amount was expended by the Soviet military that was meant for economic development of the country, there was a complete stagnation in the economic growth. Reform attempts was a failure, the economy was a standstill, and the United States gained success against the forces of the Soviet Union during the Afghanistan war. All these factors resulted in the feeling of discontent, mostly in Eastern Europe and the Baltic republics. From 1982 to 1999, the world had witnessed a drastic change in the international political scenario. With the division of the then USSR in several independent states, the cold war ended providing more power to the USA.

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The Decline of the Soviet Union

Soviet Union’s dissolution happened officially on 26th December, 199. It granted the independence of self-governance to the Soviet Union Republics. The Supreme Soviet declared the Soviet Union as 142-H. This declaration made the former Soviet republics independent and created CIS or the Commonwealth of Independent States. One day prior to its independence on 25th December 1991, Michail Gorbachev, The Soviet Union President resigned and handed over the control and the powers to Boris Yeltsin, the Russian President.

Poor decisions prevailing for many decades and corruption resulted in the unstable system and eventually, the nation collapsed. There are several reasons behind the cause, some of which are given below as follows:

Mikhail Gorbachev became a leader in the year 1985 for the purpose of reform and he followed the two ideas -perestroika and glasnost. His reform policies made the Soviet Union fall rather than saving it. By losing controls to make reforms, the Soviet government became vulnerable and weak.

  • The United States began their cold war against the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan opposed the Soviet Union vocally. Reagan not only did attack the Soviet Union for its huge military expenses but also attacked its economy. The US detached the Soviet Union from all parts of the world and helped in driving its oil prices to the lowest level. Without oil revenue generation, The Soviet Union started crumbling.
  • The structure of the Soviet Union was responsible for its decline. This nation was composed of 15 different republics. There were dozens of languages, ethnicities, and cultures that were not compatible with one another. The former Soviet allies started splitting that lead to separate movements. As many Soviet republics separated from the Soviet Union, the power of the Union gradually weakened and by 1991, Soviet Union was no more.

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