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The Companies Act 1956, Assignment Help
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The Companies Act 1956, Assignment Help Service

The Companies Act 1956 is being administered by the Indian government through the Offices of Registrar of Companies and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This act is 658 sections long, and it contains provisions regarding companies, memorandum, articles of associations, directors of the companies, etc. Students who are studying company secretary are regularly given assignments on various topics. When students get, the Companies Act assignment, they become puzzled. At this time, they find it feasible to take The Companies Act, 1956 assignment help service only from the writers of BookMyEssay.

All the writers of BookMyEssay are highly educated, and they have got loads of experience in writing law assignments. This is the reason; they can write as well as submit an assignment within the mentioned timeframe easily. Students take The Companies Act, 1956 essay writing help only from us because they know that they will get impressive marks in their assignment paper when it will be provided from our side.

What the Companies Act 1956 covers?

The Companies Act 1956 states plus discusses every single provision which is required or might be needed for governing a company. This act explains everything about the entire procedure of forming a company, its name, fees procedure, members, constitution, and the purpose of the company, its general board meetings, administration of the company, and management including the directors as they are considered decision makers. The directors are the ones who take all the vital decisions about a company, and their liabilities and responsibilities about a company matter the most. This act also explains the winding of the business plus what happens in detail at the time of the liquidation phase. One can get thesis writing help for The Companies Act, 1956 via BookMyEssay.

The Main Features of the Companies Act

The following should be the chief characteristics of a company per the Companies Act 1956:

  • An association of people – A minimum of two people to seven people ought to come together for forming a public or a private company, and a single person can never form a company.
  • Incorporated Association – An enterprise does come into being only after it has received a certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
  • Artificial lawful person – Companies are artificial persons which have been developed by law for achieving the objectives for which it has been formed. A company is an artificial person because it has been developed by a process instead of natural birth.
  • Separate legal unit – A company can enjoy in many aspects the right of a normal person under the eyes of the law.
  • Perpetual Sequence – A company has got perpetual existence and its existence doesn’t get affected by the lunacy, death or retirement of its members.
  • Confined liability – The obligation of the associates of a limited company is confined to the face value of the shares that are subscribed by each member.
  • Transferability of Shares – A member of a public limited company can easily transfer the shares to any member for purchasing or selling the shares.
  • Diffused ownership – When it is a Pvt. Ltd. Company then the upper limit of the members is 50. On the contrary, when it is a Public Ltd. The company, then there is an upper limit to the sum total of members.
  • Separation of management and ownership – Shareholders are considered the owners of the company and it is impossible for every one of them to take part in the management.

The common problems of the students

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  • Incapability to submit work on time

There are many other issues with the students too, due to which students take The Companies Act, 1956 dissertation writing service only from us.

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