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The elements oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur form the building blocks of chemicals that are found in the living things. These chemicals form the nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins which are the fundamental molecular compounds in all the organisms. About 60 chemicals are found in a body and 905 of the human body consist of just four elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen and mostly in the water form. The remaining 4% is the periodic elements. The prominent elements are the macronutrients while those present partly in a million is called the micronutrients. These nutrients perform the bodily functions such as bone building and causing chemical reactions. Chemicals of Life is a crucial topic in Biology subject. However, if you face difficulty in completing the assignments on time then BookMyEssay can provide the right kind of The Chemicals of Life assignment help to you.

The Chemicals of Life

There are 92 kinds of natural elements out of which 25 of them are important to life. Six main elements form the building blocks and the remaining 19 are the trace elements. These trace ones are important but are needed in small quantities. Carbon is the basis of life. The importance of carbon occurs mainly from the different structures it can form because of its four valence electrons. An important one is the carbon chain that is the backbone of the carbohydrates and the fatty acids. Other elements do exist that have similar properties like carbon but they are not prevalent like the carbon lipids.

Life is composed of the four macromolecules such as lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and the proteins. Carbohydrates have the three elements such as carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Proteins are abundant that comprises 50% of the dry weight of the cell. The basic of a protein is an amino acid. Amino acids have a common structure, they have a carbon atom, a hydrogen atom, and an R group. A protein’s confirmation is considered at four levels- the primary structure, the secondary structure, the quaternary structure, and the tertiary structure.

Lipids consist of fatty acids. The types of lipids are saturated, trans fat, and unsaturated. Steroids belong to the organic compounds family. The sportsperson uses the steroids for strengthening their muscles. In most of the competitions, use of steroids is considered unfair and illegal. Nucleic acids are found in all living beings. They store information and function in the nucleus that is the living form in every organism.

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Biology is a huge field of natural sciences and it studies the life forms such as evolution, structure, origin, growth, and distribution. If you want to write assignments on biology you will always require guidance step-wise to write one of the best assignments. Writing assignments on the life formation and the influence of chemicals in the life formation is not an easy task. These assignments require skills, proper researching as well as analyzing. As a student, you may not possess the level of expertise. Furthermore, you may be involved in other kinds of part-time jobs that may leave you short of time. This may lead you to score poor grades and may need The Chemicals of Life assignment help from us. Even if you are equipped with the proper resources you may need professional assignment help Australia.

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