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The Atmosphere and Human Activities Assignment Help
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Online The Atmosphere and Human Activities Assignment Help

Lots of students take interest in geography and plan to make it their career in a later phase of life. While studying this subject at the undergraduate or postgraduate level you may need to contact The Atmosphere and Human Activities assignment help service from BookMyEssay. Human activities result in climate changes by causing a modification in the atmosphere of the Earth through the greenhouse gases, cloudiness, and the aerosols. The biggest contributors are the fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases affect the climate by changing the solar radiation and the thermal radiation. Changing the properties of the gases and the atmosphere can warm the climate system. Since the advent of industrialization, the effect of human activities has influenced the climate in a big way. The impact of human activities on the climate has exceeded hugely due to the changes in the natural processes.

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The Atmosphere and Human Activities

Humans have deteriorated The atmosphere and Human Activites case study assignment help and we know Earth in several ways. Though Industrial Revolution has resulted in technological development, it has also resulted in air pollution and release of other contaminants in the air. The human impact on climate in a major problem these days and this can threaten our planet in the coming years.

  • Greenhouse Gases– Greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide added to the greenhouse effect that makes the atmosphere trap heat and thus the temperature in the oceans rise. The percentage of methane and carbon dioxide have risen significantly and this is due to huge combustion of the fossil fuels.
  • Depletion of Ozone Layer– Ozone layer provides a protecting layer to the atmosphere and blocks the ultraviolet radiation. Many countries signed Montreal Protocol for discontinuing use of chlorofluorocarbons or DFCs. CFCs are responsible for causing depletion in the ozone layer. CFCs are the chemicals available in the air conditioners, aerosol sprays, refrigerants and the packing materials.
  • Humans are also affecting the atmosphere through air pollution. Combustion of the fossil fuels, rapid industrialization, increase in the use of vehicles, deforestation, etc are the factors that are causing air pollution in a massive way. People are facing breathing problems due to air pollution and long-term exposure to air pollution can cause lung problems.

Even if the air is cleaned or certain chemicals are banned, it would take a long time to heal the atmosphere. Though the CFCs were banned in 1985 in the United States, their molecules lived for a long time. A hole in an ozone layer may take 50 years to disappear completely.

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