What Is Veterinary Science?

It is animal science which deals with the care and maintenance of animals for commercial purpose. The person who has a specialized qualification in veterinary science is called a veterinarian or vet. Some people practice veterinary science without proper knowledge. These depend upon their experience in the treatment of animals. Veterinary science students have special veterinary science assignments which contain all aspects of veterinary science.

What Is Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine which is used in the treatment of animals. The animals can be both domestic as well as wild. These medicines are also helping to prevent animal diseases affecting humans. As people all over the world keep pets, they are liable to contact animal diseases. The diseases which are transmitted from animals to humans are called zoonotic diseases.

What Is The Impact Of Veterinary Medicine On Human Health?

People all over the world contact various types of animal diseases both from pet and stray animals. Some people working with wild animals also contact some of these diseases. Sometimes these diseases become fatal to humans. Veterinary medicines may eradicate these diseases but often have serious side effects on human health. Various diseases all over the world have seriously threatened human lives in past few years. These include SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Bird Flu, Swine flu, salmonellosis etc. When medicines are given to these affected animals these may pass to humans if the animals happen to be food animals. Thus a risk of antibiotic resistance may develop in humans. Thus the use of antibiotics has been limited and development of preventive measures against the disease has been increased. There is also a risk of emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

Food and drug administration agencies all over the world are taking great concerns over the impact of veterinary medicines on human health. They are looking into the development of microbial safety policies for the protection of human health. Also, the control and eradication of zoonosis along with the development of food hygiene practices has been taken into account. Educating the public and increasing awareness about zoonosis and application of veterinary medicines has also been stressed seriously.

These veterinary medicines are directly concerned with us as the animals are in direct contact with us. These may be in the form of farm animals like dairy, poultry, draught animals, silkworms etc. Besides we have pets like dogs, cats, pigs etc. All these animals should be healthy in order to give us benefits. Thus we can say that the veterinary medicines have a very important role in human and public health.

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