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Parse Mobile App Platform Assignment Help
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Parse Mobile App Platform Assignment Help

An introduction to Parse Mobile App Platform

Parse is primarily developed by Facebook and it is an open-source framework. It is a cloud application platform that offers SDK’s build a mobile backend for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Android, iOS, OS X, and JavaScript. If you want to avail a top-quality Parse Mobile App Platform assignment help, you may contact BookMyEssay at the earliest. With it, you may add a powerful and scalable backend in minutes and can launch a complete-featured web or mobile app in record time without thinking about the server management. Parse provides social integration, push notifications, data storage, and the capability to add custom logic to an app’s backend.

Parse is an external BaaS providers among other providers such as Apigee, StackMob, and many VPS and cloud providers such as Heroku, EC2, etc. Before Facebook acquired it, it was a great choice. At BookMyEssay, we have employed experts who can offer you with the most proficient and most professional assignment writing help services. We provide you with a customized solution according to your requirement. We always compose unique, error-free, and plagiarism-free content that can help you to score top grades when you avail our Parse Mobile App Platform assignment paper help.

Parse Mobile App Platform – A Summary

Parse was developed in 2011. It produces a back-end tool for mobile developers, which helped them in storing data in the cloud, handling push notifications, managing identity log-ins, and running custom code. It raised $ 5.5 million on 9 November 2011 as venture capital funding. In 2012, the tools of Parse were used by mobile developers and these numbers grow at the rate of 40% monthly. Facebook acquired it in 2013 and 2014 for $ 85 million. Due to an increase in mobile and rich web front end, the app may be quite powerful as a front end app. In case your company is not a simple app, you need backend services to add value. This needs backend services such as aggregation from the data source, personalization/analytics, monetization, ad-models, and data storage. Writing or developing assignments in this realm is not easy. In fact, some topics may pose huge problems where your experience and knowledge in this field will be tested in different ways. This is when you need expert homework writing service of Parse Mobile App Platform.

Just the way Digital ocean and Amazon EC2 are cloud services to host websites and web apps, Parse is a cloud to host APIs, which your mobile app has to communicate with to function. It further helps in sending push notifications to the app users to bring them or to communicate with them. There are many things that go into app building beside the app. You have to provide the way to log into the app for your users, store data on remote servers so that users may access it later, or you can send them emails.

Building these things apart from an app involves a lot of time. Maintaining them take more time. As you love to make mobile apps, you can put all your focus and energy in designing and developing apps and allow someone else to take care of the communication and server development needs. You may write the app and then point it to Parse that may run in the cloud. So, an app connects to Parshe, store/requests data, processes the request and confirms data. It can manage Push notifications too. Parse servers have facilitated more than 5,00,00 users and have sent more than 500 million push notifications in a single day.

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