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Online Oracle Unified Method Assignment Help

OUM or The Oracle Unified Method was initially released in the year 2006 by Oracle Corporation. This is a standards-based process with roots in the UP (Unified Process). OUM is considered a business-process and use-case driven. It comprises support for the UML (Unified Modeling Language), though the usage of UML isn’t needed. There are many students who take a high interest in the study of OUM and so, they enrollthemselves in this study. When they need the finest Oracle Unified Method assignment help, look forward to the assistance of the experts of BookMyEssay. We take pride in the fact that we have managed to keep our students’ faith in us intact for so many years.

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The Positive Features of OUM

The good thing is OUM gets applicable to any kind and size of the information technology project. Though OUM is considered a plan-based method, which includes task and artifact reports, overview material, and linked templates, yet the method is meant for supporting the ideal level of a ceremony which is needed for every project. Here, guidance is proposed to recognize the slightest subset of jobs, altering the project approach, applying Agile techniques, and executing incremental and iterative project planning. Again, supplemental guidance proposes particular support for the products, technologies, and tools of Oracle.

The version 6.4.0 of OUM supplies support for the following:

  • Cloud Application Services Implementation
  • Application Implementation
  • Software Upgrade projects

Besides the above-mentioned points, it supports the entire range of technology projects that include the following:

  • Application Integration Architecture or AIA
  • Business Intelligence or BI
  • WebCenter
  • Enterprise Security
  • Service-oriented architecture or SOA
  • Custom Software
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Business Process Management or BPM

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More Information on OUM

The OUM is considered the standards-based method of Oracle which allows the whole Enterprise IT (Information Technology) lifecycle. This proposes an application approach which happens to be broadly adaptive, rapid, and business-focused. The Oracle Unified Method comprises a thorough project as well as a program management framework for supporting a growing focus of Oracle on enterprise-level information technology strategy, governance, and architecture. The Global Methods team of Oracle has packaged OUM for accelerating the Information Technology projects. Additionally, OUM displays a flexible and organized approach. It’s operational and defined framework aides anticipate critical project requirements and dependencies. With the help of OUM, you can move through the IT lifecycle efficiently for fast achieving measurable business outcomes.

The Incremental and Iterative Approach

OUM does recognize the benefits of an incremental and iterative approach to the deployment and development of information systems. Tasks might be repeated for increasing the outputs’ quality to the users’ desired level. They are also important for including enough level of detail or for refining and expanding the outputs grounded on user feedback. OUM does support both discipline and agility and it is designed for supporting a huge range of project types, and so, it is scalable and flexible.

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