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New Venture Assignment Help by Professionals

A new venture is a start-up company that has limited resources and high risk. A new venture could be any company either service based or product based. Any new venture process targets growth and profitability. To start any new venture, the foremost important thing is to prepare a business plan that tells about the company. The second most important part is hiring the human resources. This has wide implication on the success of the business. For instance, an IT-based organization may need the tangible resources such as the computer systems and the other infrastructure. A marketing organization, on the other hand, will require the right customers that can help to spread the information about the product or services. The basis of any new venture is an idea. If appropriate management skills are not implemented then there is every probable chance for a venture to fail. This is a very important subject for the Business students and proper understanding is extremely necessary for a successful venture. Hence the Management and the Entrepreneurship students avail New Venture assignment help from BookMyEssay.

Financing any new venture is risky. Lots of factors are considered before any financing is done to a new venture. A new venture cannot sustain in the market in the long run if it is not able to get any industrial or angel funding. In most of the ventures, revenue is not earned in the initial few years. It takes a lot of time to build a huge customer base. Therefore, the entrepreneurs give too much focus to funding. If the proper fund is available, then the venture can hire additional resources for the purpose of expansion. It requires in-depth understanding to run a new venture profitably and strongly. The business students who contact BookMyEssay for New Venture assignment writing help are assisted by our entrepreneurship assignment experts. Our tutors have a long association with new ventures for quite a long time and they have been successfully assisting the students to complete New Venture assignments well within the deadline. We provide the perfect guidance to the business students and provide them a well crafted and well researched new venture essay assignment.

Financing Sources for a New Venture

Starting any new venture is expensive. Ideally, you can start any new business with a small investment to try out any new idea. But, once the idea takes off and is proved successful, you need financing from different sources. The funding sources for the startup or the new ventures are the following:

  • Own income – Any individual would like a start a new venture with a small amount and this is mostly out of his income. If the job is regular, then you can use some part of the monthly income for the purpose of financing the business. The risk is low here because there is no question of any debt.
  • Credit cards – The easiest way to fund a new venture for many people is through the credit cards. But here the risk is high as you have to pay a high-interest rate on the amount.
  • Family and friends – Family and friends may provide you the necessary financing as a loan or may purchase equity in the venture if they believe in the business idea. This can be risky if there is a fallout between your family or friends and also if the business does not pick up.
  • Business plan competitions – For large businesses you may need financing right from the beginning and in such cases you can approach the business plan competitions.
  • Angel investors – Entrepreneurs who are looking for a good amount of fund turn to the angel investors. These investors are somewhere between the family friends and the venture capitalists. The angel investors are often the entrepreneurs and they want to invest in the smaller sums and want to make a profit from that.
  • Bank Loans – You can avail loans from the Banks too. But, to get a loan from the banks you need to have a good business proposal with a concept already proved.
  • Venture Capital – They fund the startups. They make the investment in a very strong manner. They want a place on the Board of Directors and they have exit plan too.

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