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New Economic Policy Assignment Help Online

A Sneak Peek to the Advent of New Economic Policy

In Malaysia, it is termed as Dasar Ekonomi Baru and Malaysian NEP was established in the year 1971 by then Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak. Broadly putting the implementation of NEP range from 1971 to 1990.

NEP was launched to fulfil two basic goals:

  • To eradicate poverty
  • Lend more and more benefits to need and disadvantaged section of a society

New Economic Policy assignment help discusses the ways in which its implementation has led to socio-economic restructuring which therefore eradicated race and ethnicity business when put in terms with economic function. The basic purpose of launching NEP was to accelerate national economic growth by executing in-depth state intervention along with taking measures for expansion of public sector.

New Economic Policy Assignment Writing Help Evaluates the Need of NEP

As stated above, the launch of NEP was done with the aim to remove poverty along with rendering better opportunities and benefits to the poor and needy. As per the economists, it was an important aspect that the reasons of poverty are well understood. This is done by conducting in-depth assessment and study of the situation that lead to poverty. In order to overcome a problem, it is essential for find the root cause. So, going by this rule, economists were required to possess a clear understanding the reasons behind poverty. If the policy fails to learn about the causes of poverty, NEP will not be as effective at eradication of the same. This will also lead to failure in serving those who might get benefitted from NEP.

The basic idea behind conducting the research of root cause is to ensure that NEP must operate on all sides and must not be one sided. So, for it to work in it absolute fairness, it is important that it works towards finding the best opportunities for the section of society which is in utmost need. Apart from this, the NEP formulating body must specify that NEP is a temporary and not a permanent solution to extend assistance to a specific ethnic group. This must be done with the purpose of lowering their depending on gaining assistance from NEP. This restricted help service aims to avoid the scenario wherein they develop a dependable attitude and do not work towards making a better future or take initiatives to work towards their country’s economic progress. BookMyEssay writing service offers New Economic Policy assignment help, essay homework help on NEP. You can get New Economic Policy assignment paper help by your deadline.

Role of NEP in the Education Domain

As per the New Economic Policy assignment writing service, education policies such as quotas for weaker sections of the society are exempted from NEP implementation. This is because admission to education majorly in the public universities is always excluded from the purview of NEP. This provision is set on the belief that education sector must be free from all reservations and special favours. Each student, irrespective of the social section from where he/she belongs possessing standardized academic requirements must stand eligible to secure admission in the university of his/her choice. NEP treats all the students from ethnic races to gain a fair chance to secure admission in their choke of public universities. So, the policy setters do not prefer to set quotas for students belonging to any poor section.

Students also have to gain New Economic Policy assignment help to understand how far NEP has gone to meet its purpose. While some parties claim that NEP has accomplished its target, others present data in which NEP is lagging behind from its ultimate motive. So, it is important that even at the time of researching for these assignment, students focus on explaining the facts and presenting accurate data which is based on facts. Government gain has a prime role to play in keeping the public informed about the progress of NEP and its objectives. This will help in refreshing the already set motives and on accomplishing the same, it can move forward to set better and effective policies to accelerate development of an economy. In a nutshell, implementation of NEP has gained criticism but it is no denying to the fact that it has also given excellent results in economic welfare.

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