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Lucene Search Assignment Help
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Lucene Search Assignment Help

An introduction to Lucene Search engine library

Lucene Search is a full-featured and a high-performance search engine library completely written in Java, This technology is suitable for the applications that need full-text search, particularly cross-platform. It is a freely downloadable open source project. It performs by adding content to the full-text index. It allows you in performing queries on the index. You can add content to Lucene from different sources such as a filesystem, SQL/NoSQL database, and even websites. BookMyEssay is the right platform for the most accurate Lucene Search assignment help. Our main goal is delivering excellent assignments to the students pursuing a higher educational or professional degree. Our academic tutors are available round-the-clock to provide online academic writing services. You can easily get cost-effective and speedy solutions from us. We offer a 100 percent guarantee for top grades if you take our assignment help on Apache Lucene Search.We commit that we shall complete your java assignment within the deadline. We cover a wide range of subjects that cover various disciplines. We have hired highly qualified experts who compose every assignment from scratch and therefore they are able to provide a complete error-free and a plagiarism-free solution.

Lucene Search – An Overview

Try to understand Lucene in minute details including various general aspects of search engines and their working process to write impeccable assignments in this genre. Students miss many aspects of Lucene assuming these are not so important. It can be catastrophic if you also follow the same procedure. However, in any need or when it becomes difficult for you to write the topics efficiently, you can contact Lucene Search case study help.

Lucene can achieve quick search responses because rather than searching a text directly, instead, it searches an index. This is equivalent to pages retrieving relating to keywords by searching an index from the back of a book as against searching the words in every page of a book. This index is known as an inverted index. In Lucene, a document is a unit of index and search. An index comprises of one or more than one document. Indexing includes adding documents to the IndexWriter and searching includes retrieving of documents from the index through an IndexSearcher.

Lucene Documents do not necessarily be a document. For instance, when you create a Lucene index of the database table, then every user will be represented in an index. A Document comprises of one or more than one Fields. A Field is a name-value pair. For instance, Field found commonly in applications is called title. For a title field, the title is the field name and values the content item’s value. Indexing includes creating documents consisting of one or more than one fields and adding them to an IndexWriter.

Searching needs an Index and it includes creating a Query and handing it to an IndexSearcher. Lucene has its individual mini-language to perform searches. The query language allows a user to specify the field to search, the fields that give more boost and the ability to do Boolean queries and other functionalities.

Features of Lucene Search

Understanding features from the core and how they apply in reality are mandatory for writing impeccable assignments. Our experts associated with Lucene Search assignment paper help keep in-depth knowledge in all these features as depicted below:

Scalable and high-performance Indexing

  • More than 150 GB/hour on a modern hardware
  • Requirements of small RAM
  • Incremental indexing very fast like batch indexing
  • Index size 20-30 percent of the size of the indexed text

Accurate, powerful, and efficient search algorithms

  • Ranked searching
  • Powerful query kinds: wildcard queries, phrase queries, range queries, proximity queries, and others
  • Sorting by a field
  • Multiple-index search with merged results
  • Allows concurrent searching and update
  • Flexible highlighting, faceting, results and joins grouping
  • Memory-efficient, fast, and typo-tolerant
  • Configurable storage engines

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