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Kohana was once a PHP5 HMVC framework which had got a license under the BSD license. It was hosted on GitHub. There were many issues that were tracked with the use of Redmine. Kohana was famous for its performance at a time when it was being compared to Codelgniter and various other superior performing PHP frameworks. Students who are engaged in the study of Kohana are habitually given assignments to complete and when they hunt for the best Kohana assignment help depend only on the writers of BookMyEssay. Students turn to us for high-quality assignment and homework help on PHP  because we always propose dependable services. We never waste time and get involved in our students’ job immediately and due to this; we always manage to submit our work within the mentioned timeframe. When we are provided a job, we do extensive research on the topic of the assignment and always manage to propose 100% unique assignment and essay writing help to every student of ours. Additionally, while submitting our work we provide students with a plagiarism free report that confirms the uniqueness of our work. Students when avail Kohana homework help from us remain de-stressed because of our unmatched services.

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History of Kohana

The development of Kohana started on 31st May 2007 at a time when some Codelgniter community members made up their mind to begin a communal junction of CodeIgniter which was recognized as BlueFlame. In June 2007, this project was renamed as ‘Kohana’ and the July version 1.0 got released minus any documentation. After this, the project leader left in August and due to this, development deteriorated until September. During this time, a novice BDFL was chosen and a determination to rewrite the source code started, and during this time, Kohana possessed only three developers. In November 2007, version 2.0 of Kohana was released and it was grounded purely on PHP5.0 and a novice OOP framework. Again, version 3.0 got released on 9th September 2009. The newest version 3.3.6 got released on 25th July 2016.

Getting known to Kohana

Our experts associated with Kohana case study writing help keep updated knowledge on Kohana. Kohana is recognized as a PHP5 framework which utilizes the Model View Controller architectural arrangement. MVC does keep application logic detached from the presentation. It permits the users to develop cleaner code and also save the time needed for bug searching. The pattern that is followed is:

  • A model does represent data on which the operation of the application happens, and it generally includes a database.
  • A View comprises presentation code, like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • A Controller does interpret input from a user and guides to the model and view.

Earlier, Kohana was a fork of CI (CodeIgniter). It happened to be an open-source creation from EllisLab. You will come across numerous similarities between Kohana and CI. However, all the code is either original or entirely rewritten. The main features of Kohana are:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly secure
  • Short learning curve
  • Loosely coupled architecture
  • 100% UTF-8 compatible
  • Excessively easy to extend

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