Formation of Ions by Electron Loss or Gain Assignment Help

Formation of Ions by Electron Loss or Gain Assignment Help
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Formation of Ions Electron Loss or Gain Assignment Help

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Understanding the Concept of Ions

Atoms always have an equal number of electrons and protons. Electrons have a -1 electric charge and protons have +1 electric charge. Therefore, the charge of electrons and protons cancels and atoms have a neutral charge. If an atom gains extra electrons, it will have more electrons and fewer protons. This will give a negative charge and will not be neutral.

Atoms cannot gain extra electrons only. They can lose electrons too. In both the cases, they become ions. Ions are atoms, which have either a positive or negative charges because of the unequal number of electrons and protons. When atoms lose electrons, they become cations or positive ions. When the atoms gain electrons, they become anions or negative ions. For instance, a fluorine atom has nine electrons and nine protons, therefore electrically neutral. When it gains an electron, it gets -1 electric charge and becomes an ion.

Ionization is a process through which an atom becomes an ion. It occurs when the atoms are exposed to high radiation levels. Most ions are formed when the atoms transfer the electrons to and from other atoms. If sodium atoms transfer electrons to chlorine atoms, it will form positive sodium ions and negative chlorine atoms.

Atoms form into ions by gaining or losing electrons because it will make them more stable and it takes less energy to maintain this state. The most stable state in an atom is when the outermost energy level has the maximum number of electrons. In metals like lithium, it has only one electron in its outermost energy level and by losing the outer electron it can achieve a more stable state.

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