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Online Flooding Assignment Help

Flooding algorithm is related to computer networking, and there are several variants of the flooding algorithm. There are several types of advantages and disadvantages of the flooding algorithm. If your plan is to flourish your career in networking, then the professional knowledge on the subject will help you a lot. BookMyEssay is a popular academic assignment help service provider with an expert team of writers to assist the students on flooding assignment and extend state-of-the-art flooding assignment help.

Flooding Algorithm in Computer Networking

Flooding is a computer routing algorithm where every algorithm is sent to all outgoing links except the one from which the system has accepted the algorithm. Flooding is frequently used in the following aspects of networking:

  • P2P File transfer – P2P or Peer-to-Peer file sharing is the distribution of digital media like books, music, games, and similar other things using the P2P
  • Bridging – It is also called network bridging where a single aggregate network is formed from the multiple different interlinked networks.
  • Usenet – It is a non-centralized network system where several users (but limited in numbers) can access different files shared between them by developing newsgroup.

Besides, Flooding is also used in maintaining some important network protocols like WANETs in ad hoc wireless networks and DVMRP.

The working of Flooding algorithm follows the following systems:

  • Each node in the network can be used as transmitter and receiver.
  • Each node can forward the data received to every other node except itself.

There are two types of Flooding algorithms are known to the professionals:

  • Controlled Flooding – Here again, two different algorithms are used: Sequence Number Controlled Flooding (SNCF) and Reverse Flood Flooding (RPF).
  • Uncontrolled Flooding – It is made to access all nodes and can create “broadcast storm”.

While getting knowledge on Flooding algorithm, you will come to know about different important advantages and disadvantages. This information is important as you have to take a decision whether to use Flooding or not in a specific network system.

Advantages are as follows:

  • Flooding is capable of using the shortest path in the network
  • Flooding algorithm is simple to understand and implement
  • Flooding algorithm works with data packets which enable the system to access all possible data routing to ultimately reach the destination nodes.

There are some disadvantages too:

  • It is a bit costly algorithm as it wastes some bandwidth.
  • There remains a keen possibility of message duplication resulting in overload and increasing process complexities.

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