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Export Management Assignment Help
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Export Management Assignment Help

Export business is prevalent everywhere, hence, the export management has an immense importance these days. Export business is proliferating faster with the modern concept of globalization. The entire system of export follows some rule, since, a transaction takes place from one country to another, many aspects including the international laws and trade pact between the concerned countries are important. Being an export management expert you need to have an in-depth knowledge on all these aspects.

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Online Export Management Assignment Writing Help

The main purpose of export management is dealing with the international customers who have placed export orders with your company and accomplish all related matters as per the system of your company and prevailing rules successfully. The matter of concern is the timely delivery of quality products as per the agreement with the overseas clients. Any export management has two aspects:

  • The functional areas of export
  • The administrative process involved in export

Process of Export Management

When somebody decides to start an export business, the primary function is to decide on the product and pertinent license for exporting goods to other countries. There is a relevant government office concerning the license and complying with other legal aspects in export. Officials there can also be contacted for all sorts of legal advice. It is also necessary to understand the legal aspects of exporting different goods in other countries.

After a client confirms an order, the export manager needs to organize the whole matter by forming a competent team of professionals who will handle the whole transaction till the consignment reaches to the client. In this matter, the export manager has a huge responsibility to manage the entire process in a timely manner.

The major functions of the export manager in managing orders are as follows:

  • Procurement of an export order
  • Deciding a plan for export order implementation
  • Direction for exports
  • Execution of the order
  • Evaluation of the export order
  • Importer liaison,
  • Reprogramming
  • Developing a complete report on the export order

However, lots of hurdles and complicacy may occur at different points of time while executing an export order. In such cases, the efficacy of the export manager is proved.

Major complicacies in export management include foreign language, high risk of consignment transportation, laws and pertaining rules imposed by the respective governments, payment difficulties, the difference in laws, customs duty, etc. Other mostly invisible problems of export management are the export of perishable goods, evil effects of foreign trade, economic dependence, disadvantage mostly faced by the agricultural economy, and international rivalry.

As an export manager, your responsibility is huge. You have an important role in managing the business for international orders. The basic role of an export manager is to synchronize and integrate the export business staying within the recognized management structures and keeping liaison with the pertinent government and export agencies to ensure appropriate delivery of goods as per the stipulations of the purchaser. As an export manager, you are responsible for the successful accomplishment of the order in terms of time, rates, and technical performance. You must have the good understanding of the systems functional in foreign exchange, export planning, financial and inventory management, merchandising, risk management, personnel management, exchange control, negotiation with the banks, and industrial relations, etc.

Problems faced by the students in writing export management assignments

From the above discussion, it is obvious that export management assignments are the real test of your knowledge on the subject. You have to proficient in every activity related to export including banking transaction in this matter and export-import laws. Students mostly get confused with the topics as within the limited time period and available resources they have to complete that gigantic task successfully. Apart from that writing in proper style and in impeccable English is another major hurdle for them.

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