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VBA or the Visual Basic for Applications is the combination of the programming language visual basic of Microsoft together with office applications of Microsoft like Microsoft Excel. VBA allows you to automate the different activities in Excel such as generating reports, doing calculations, preparing graphs and charts, etc. The automation activity is called Macro. It helps the users in saving their time taken to run the repetitive steps. If you are looking for Excel VBA assignment help, then you can approach BookMyEssay. For enjoying the advantages of Excel VBA, you do not have to be a technical person or a programmer. It has the features that can generate the source code automatically. We at BookMyEssay, offer affordable assignment paper help services to the college and the university students. If you need a reliable Excel VBA homework and assignment help then we have hired excellent Excel tools engineers who write every assignment from scratch and for this, you can contact the services of our customer support team.

Excel VBA- An Overview

VBA is the abbreviation of Visual Basic for Applications. It is a high-level language, which is a subset of the Visual Basic BASIC 6.0. BASIC stands for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

Why Excel VBA? You can professional assistance from our Excel VBA essay assignment help service:

  • It utilizes English statements for writing the instructions
  • To create a user interface is just like to use a paint program. You just need to drag, drop, and also align the graphical interface control of the user.
  • Short learning curve. From the initial data when you begin to learn, you will be able to write the simple programs.
  • It increases the excel functionality by permitting you in making excel behave just like the way you want.

Excel VBA Use in Business and Personal Applications

For the business purpose, you can create full powerful programs that are powered by Excel and VBA. The benefits of this application are that you can use the powerful features of an excel in the custom programs. For personal application, you may use it for the simple macros, which will automate the majority of the routine tasks.

Rules to create variables:

  • Do not use the reserved words- When you are a student, do not use the title principal or lecturer. These titles are meant for the school authority and the lecturers. Reserved words have got special meaning in Excel VBA and thus they cannot be used as variable names.
  • Variable names should not contain spaces- You should not define a variable that is named the first number. You can use either first_number or firstNumber.
  • Use the descriptive names- It is very alluring to name any variable after yourself, however, try to avoid this. Use descriptive names such as price, quantity, subtotal etc. This shall make VBA code much easy to read.
  • Arithmetic operators- The rules of BODMAS or “Brackets of Division Multiplication Addition and Subtraction” are applicable so try to apply them while working with the expressions, which use the various arithmetic operators. Just similar to excel, you may use + for addition, – for subtraction, * for multiplication, and / for the division.
  • Logical operators- The concept of the logical operators are applicable while working with the Excel VBA. It includes the following:

If statements:

  • OR
  • NOT
  • AND
  • TRUE

These Features are Explained in Detail

The visual basic for the applications havea bundle with the workplace applications or the host applications so that it may be used as a medium for accessing and connecting with the host application object design. It implies that Excel VBA knows things such as charts, workbooks, cells, and worksheets, but Word VBA may not learn such things. Instead, Word VBA understand the terms like bookmarks, files and the things that are more linked to Microsoft Word. It is a part of the visual programming language, which you can use for creating applications in Excel. With VBA, the advantages of the powerful excel features can be taken and also used.

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