Direct and Indirect Taxes Assignment Help

Direct and Indirect Taxes Assignment Help
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Direct and Indirect Taxes Assignment Help

An Introduction to Direct & Indirect Taxes

Direct tax is also tagged as individual tax. Such kind of tax is categorised that is imposed on the property or individual. It is also referred to as tax that is directly paid to the government of the country that is done by the tax payer. This tax liability is paid by person who has this imposition which is now allowed to be transferred to another person. Some common examples of this category of tax include Corporate Tax, Property Tax, Income Tax, among others. This is basically relies on a person calibre to pay principle. This also hints a scenario wherein when a person increases income has imposition of highest tax. As a matter of fact, this cannot be transferred to another entity or person.

Indirect Tax is complete opposite of Direct Tax. It is the amount of tax collected by a person on someone behalf. It is also a category of tax wherein the tax burden is shifted to another person. So, this kind of tax is paid by a unit to the government which is set in combination of prices set for consumers goods and services. So, this kind of tax is paid by a client to retailers by means of paying price. When the tax element is included in the prices that hikes the product cost. This category of taxes is imposed on commodities like Liquor, Fuel, among others. Searching, “how to write my essay on Direct and Indirect taxes”? Find needed Direct and Indirect tax assignment help from qualified economics homework writers from BookMyEssay team.

Direct and Indirect Taxes Essay Assignment Help Discusses Advantages of Both the Taxes

  • Equality in Nature – Direct Tax is burden which is cannot be transferred to any other entity or person. So, if a tax is imposed, it an entity has to pay the tax. This category of tax is progressive in nature. this hints that with the hike in incomes the rate of tax is increased.
  • Flexibility – Direct tax is perceived to be flexible. So, in case the government needs finance, it has the ability to increase the death duties and income tax rate. Such tax category also leads to increase government revenue. Precisely, this tax type is aimed at extracting funds from public.
  • Economical in Nature – Direct Tax is a highly economical that aims to save time and efforts on the part of collection officer. Such tax is collected by the company in which a person is working.
  • Assurance – In this tax category, tax payer and officer must be aware of the tax amount. In this, the tax payer hints about tax expenses and collection officer about their revenue scale.
  • Productive – Direct tax is also productive in nature. It also fetches a huge sum of revenue. In such a community, this kind of tax collection helps in increasing the numbers and prosperity automatically.

Direct and Indirect Taxes assignment writing help discusses various tax types such as Expenditure Tax, Wealth Tax, Gift Tax, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Estate Duty, and Fringe Benefit Tax.

Students Get to Learn About the Advantages of Indirect Taxes

Direct and Indirect Taxes case study help as well as assignment assistance service for Direct and Indirect taxes discusses the core benefits of indirect tax. These advantages include:

  • Appropriate – Such taxation category is categorised as a convenient method wherein the government receives tax from payers. This category of tax is can be paid without involving the customers into a length of documentation work.
  • Simpler Collection – Indirect tax is a simple way of collecting taxes which is an easiest method. In such method, individuals are required to file return or proceed document submission to pay taxes. This category of tax is inclusive of price when a product is bought.
  • Increased Tax Rate of Hazardous Consumptions – Government has the option of keeping tax rates high for all the health threatening products such as tobacco, so that the consumption is dejected.
  • Available Choices – In this category of product/service, they have a choice to pay the tax or not by not buying the respective category of goods.

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