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Digestion and Absorption Assignment Help
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Digestion and Absorption Assignment Help

Concept of Digestion and Absorption

A common study topic for biology students, the concept of digestion can be defined as the process in which food consumed by human body reached the abdomen, excreting all the important nutrients and getting the same absorbed whereas the unused stuff gets excreted out. Digestive system is the entire subject that teaches the students about the breaking of food, its dissolution in water that further helps in generating energy for the human body. Although it might sound simple but understanding this process from scratch and writing the same in theory is not everyone’s cup of tea. Understanding the digestive system and its related functioning needs basic familiarity with morphology and anatomy of human body, along with understanding the function of organs which are associated with GI tract. BookMyEssay’s qualified assignment help tutors are capable and efficient enough to handle complicated matters like Digestion and Absorption assignment help so as to enable the student glide smoothly through his or her academic curriculum.

How Does Digestion Take Place?

As a common conception, humans assume that digestion of food happens in the stomach itself which is not entirely true. The process initiates from mouth and is taken forward to the esophagus finally making its way to the stomach. The entire process is accomplished when unnecessary materials get passed via anus travelling through intestines. The process of digestion is further classified into the following major steps which include:

  • Ingestion – This involves taking the food through the mouth.
  • Secretion – Generation of different fluids that simplifies the process of food breakup.
  • Mixing ad movement – This stage involves travel of food from mouth to stomach where it is mixed and moved into further smaller particles.
  • Digestion – This phase involves the process wherein important food components gets absorbed in the stomach.
  • Absorption – Post the process of digestion, absorption happens that starts from stomach wherein water and alcohol get absorbed pushing the rest of the process to be done in small intestine. Large intestine absorbs water and Vitamin B & K.
  • Excretion – The entire process ends when remaining stuff gets excreted from the body.

Important Glands and Their Participation in the Process of Digestion

The process of digestion also involves functioning of different types of salivary glands that majorly include buccal, labial, and parietal gland that are located in cheeks, lips, and palate respectively teamed up with lingual gland that is found in the tongue. Together all these gland work towards forming the saliva in a small amount that consists of dissolved gases, water, solutes, and organic substances namely lysozymes, uric acid, urea, mucous and immunoglobulin A, and salivary amylase. The water in saliva dissolves food, breaking down starch, whereas mucous works on lubricating the food, lysozymes kills bacteria and immunoglobulin A safeguards against attachment of microbes. Some of the important components related to digestion are described below:

  • Pharynx: A funnel-shaped tube, it has three parts namely laryngopharynx, nasopharynx, and oropharynx. It also features epiglottis that prevents food from reaching windpipe and whereas rest pushes the food from pharynx to esophagus.
  • Esophagus: It is located subsequent to trachea, and secrets mucous that transports food to the stomach.
  • Stomach: Located at the end of esophagus and left to the liver, it is also the largest portion in a human body. Different sphincters present in the stomach helps in controlling the course of food within as well as outside of the stomach.
  • Liver and Gallbladder: Also known as the heaviest gland is the recognised as a pear-shaped organ that has left lobes and right lobes connecting to the gallbladder which has 3 parts namely fundus, body and neck.
  • Small intestine: It is a long tube which assists the body in absorption of digested food. Absorption that is left undone in earlier compartment gets successfully completed in the small intestine.
  • Large intestine: lastly, as the food reaches to this last part, it gets final absorption, resulting in the production of vitamins, followed by excretion

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