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Online Design Thinking Assignment Help

A sneak peek into the concept of Design Thinking

Design Thinking assignment help explains the core concept as a method used by designers in the ideation and development. Not only confined to this, it finds application in other spheres as well. It is a high profile method which is absolutely human-cantered. Also explained as an iterative design process, it includes 5 steps which is further categorised as empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing stages. Companies follow the process of Design thinking which is helpful in resolving problems that are ill-defined or unidentified.

What is the Core and History of Design Thinking?

Going by the concept defined in Design Thinking assignment and coursework writing help, this concept has taken its form as a solution-based approach which aims at finding what the users actually desire. Mentioned firstly by Herbert A. Simon, a computer scientist and Nobel Prize laureate, it is a science or a way of thinking. Over these years, this concept has evolved enveloping the design community along with its set of creative strategies. As explained above, it is also widely used by professionals associated with fields like design, education and business. Some of the well-designed tools and methods incorporated in design thinking have been borrowed from various other disciplines such as computer science, psychology, ethnography, and organizational learning.

As the name indicates, the process/method of Design thing are mostly employees by Design team to handle wicked problems by transforming the same in a human-centric way. Such transformation helps the designers to focus on important aspects that are related to users/customers.

Five Stages of Design Thinking

As defined by Stanford’s Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design, the process of Design Thinking is segregated into five stages. These are followed by the designers who are either amateurs or even professionals in their respective fields. Designers take these stages into account as a recipe to project management:

  • Empathising: It is recognised as the first stage of Design Thinking process which aims at gathering an empathic understanding of the problem which is at hand to be solved. It requires some user research and is crucial as it facilitates the flow in of the assumptions that are mostly focussed on user insights in cline with their needs. This is a critical stage that is within the realm of users so that work begins on solution custom-designing.
  • Defining: This stage puts together all the information that is captured at the initial stage during. This stage is all about assessing the observations and synthesize the same so that problems as identified. This stage is more about addressing the issues along with knowing its nature completely.
  • Ideating: The third and an essential stage in this process’s, it motivates the thinker to generate ideas. It gains support from the facts and ideas gained during the initial phases. The thinker must go beyond the obvious line of thought and “think outside the box” to spot new solutions basis the statement created along with viewing alterative for the problem identified and defined.
  • Prototyping – This is the next phase defined in Design Thinking essay assignment help that prompts the design team to create inexpensive, scaled-down product versions along with highlighting its specific features. The same is then investigated along with problem defined to provide apt solutions that are already mapped and outline in the stages above.
  • Testing – This stage of Design Thinking, as the name indicates is all about testing the product by tagging the same with best suited solutions that are outlined in the prototyping phase. As this is the last stage, the results captured in this stage are formed as the basis to redefine one or more problems.

Some Core Design Thinking Principles for Dealing with Such Coursework

Design Thinking homework writing help also outline and explains the students with General Principles which form the base of case study related to the topic. These principles include:

  • Linking every academic assignment with the set goals and assessing the results
  • Breaking down the, high-stakes coursework into small sectioned coursework
  • Students must identify the purpose, and genre for the assignment before heading for its solutions
  • Important is to plan assignments basis the real-world subject which can stimulate students interest in the given topic

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