COSMO RS Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

COSMO RS Chemical Engineering Assignment Help
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COSMO RS Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

An Introduction to COSMO RS Chemical Engineering

COSMO-RS (Conductor-like Screening Model For Real Solvents) theory is the set of equations used for calculating the potential differences of the molecules in the liquids chemically. The chemical potential differences transform into properties like activities, solubilities, or vapor pressures. If you are stuck with chemical engineering assignment on this topic, then BookMyEssay is there to provide you the best COSMO RS Chemical Engineering assignment help. This theory utilizes the chemically generated density surfaces for describing every module and also its interactions with the other modules. COSMO-RS is a Chemical Engineering topic and Chemical Engineering is one of the major branches of Engineering that includes the use or production of chemicals for different processes. At BookMyEssay, we have employed highly experienced Chemical Engineering writers who can offer you a well-researched case study assignment help on COSMO RS Chemical Engineering topic. They offer you a proper explanation and accurate information regarding every process. Our online assignment help tutors have several years of industry experience that act as an added advantage.

COSMO-RS – An Overview

The COSMO-RS program is used to calculate the thermodynamic properties of the mixed fluids. It is a complicated subject that needs rigorous reading. Your contact with BookMyEssay’s COSMO RS Chemical Engineering research paper writing and report writing help can be immensely helpful in this regard. This theory was formulated by Klamt and co-workers. Principally, it is possible to predict chemistry by using the appropriate solutions of the equation of Schrodinger but in practice because of excess mathematical complexity only a small system may be computed accurately. When we use suitable approximations, we can obtain reasonable results for the isolated molecules up to hundreds of atoms. This also means that computation of the thermodynamics properties directly is beyond reach. Thermodynamic properties may be computed over many configurations of larger molecules. For addressing this, people resort to the Monte Carlo or Molecular Dynamics methods where the configurations are made by stimulating the atomic motions numerically by a random generation or by discrete time steps. Even these approaches do not generate the large ensembles and very little possibility is there to improve significantly. Andreas Klant then computed mechanically the molecules quantum and later on, utilized these details in the statistical mechanics’ process, called the COSMO-RS and it has proved to be very powerful. Our experts associated with COSMO RS Chemical Engineering assignment writing help can be immensely helpful in this regard.

Some of the assumptions of the COSMO-RS theory are as follows:

  • The liquid state is not compressible
  • Every part of the molecular surface may be in contact with one another
  • Permission is given to the only interactions of the pairwise molecular surface patches

Till the time the above-mentioned assumptions hold true, the µ chemical potential is calculated from interaction energies of the surface contacts pairwise.

The properties of COSMO-RS are as follows:

  • Solubilities and partition coefficients (log kOW, log P)
  • Activity coefficients, Henry’s law constant, solvation free energies
  • Excess energies, miscibility gaps, azeotropes
  • Vapor pressures, vapor-liquid diagrams binary, boiling points
  • Flashpoints, composition lines
  • pKa  values

More than 2500 compounds consisting of small molecules, solvents, and ionic liquids facilitates instant prediction of the solubilities, log P, and other properties. Other molecules can be added easily to the database using an ADF calculation and a rapid estimation tool.

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