Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants Assignment Help

Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants Assignment Help
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Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants Assignment Help

Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants introduces you to the principal areas of company law that is relevant to accountants in the corporate field. This topic provides a basic knowledge of corporate and commercial law. BookMyEssay has a resourceful team of high-quality experts who are dedicated to helping students with academic support on assignments, homework, essays, and many more. Every student wants to achieve the best and to ensure the same and to offer support to such aspirations, we have hired academic assignment help tutors who have rich experience, determination, and expertise to help them score the best grades in their accounting assignment help. So, if you are concerned about the complicated assignment, just relax because we are there to provide you with Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants assignment help.

What is Commercial and Corporate Law?

Corporate law is the study or practice of the way directors, shareholders, creditors, employees, and other stakeholders including the community, consumers, and the environment interacts with each other. Corporate law forms a part of a wider companies law.

Commercial Law also called business law is a body of law that is applicable to the relations, rights, and conduct of businesses and persons engaged in merchandising, commerce, sales, and trade. It is considered a civil law branch with issues related to private as well as public law.

Importance of Corporate Law to Accountants

Understanding Corporate Law is very important for the Accountants if they want to run a successful and legal business. Even when you have a small business, you should know the process to start your business that includes certification, licensing.

Once your business starts running, you need to know the way to protect your company from things such as creditors, lawsuits, IRS, and other government agencies. In accounting, you should know things about different accounting fields to run a business in a smooth manner. All accounting is not the same.

If you want to change your public to a public company, you need to comply with the local, state, and federal laws. Corporate law covers several areas, which an accountant should know. The laws governing contracts, partnerships, corporations, intellectual property, commercial paper, income, and other areas.

In our LAW205 Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants assignment writing help, we have specified these facts in detail.

Commercial Law for Accountants

Commercial law has in recent years in a significant way. Accountants need present working knowledge of main business law concepts to locate potential problems and avoiding legal complications.

The objective of this study is to provide the accountants’ knowledge of legal issues that are frequently faced by businesses. You can identify and resolve issues prior to becoming huge problems in the areas such as contract law, employment, bankruptcy, and tort liability.

This study stresses the following:

  • Litigation process and the court system
  • Employment Law
  • How you protect yourself and your company
  • State and federal discrimination laws
  • Employment-at-will
  • Employment-related issues
  • Contract law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Employee-independent contractor
  • Tort liability including defamation, negligence, and wrongful termination

Why Accounting Students Study Corporate and Commercial Law?

According to our LAW205 Commercial and Corporate Law for Accountants homework writing services experts, the reasons why accountant students study corporate law are as follows:

  • Accounting is recording business transactions. Business Law is the rule where the transactions take place. For instance, you cannot record an accounting lease properly when you do not understand the lease terms.
  • Business law is a part of the law that pertains to doing business. It ranges from the lease, contract law, the law of agency, hire purchase, and financial instruments. Every business education is incomplete without knowing the rules that govern the elements of a business transaction and the way it is applicable to the present business context.
  • Business is a critical industry. As an accountant, you should know what is legal and what is not. The main objective is to know whether a business is legal or not.

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