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Coefficient of Variation Assignment Help
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Coefficient of Variation Assignment Help

An Introduction to Coefficient of Variation

The Coefficient of Variation (C.V.), termed as relative standard deviation or RSD is a standard measurement of a frequency distribution or probability distribution. This variable is often expressed as a percentage. The coefficient variable is a ratio between the mean and a standard deviation. These are vital facts regarding coefficient of variation that can provide you guidance for Coefficient of Variation assignment help from BookMyEssay. This variable measures the relative variability. It measures the ratio of standard deviation to mean. C.V. is useful particularly when you want to make comparisons of the results of the two different tests and surveys that have different values or measures. The coefficient of variation is used mostly in probability. It is an important structural pattern of statistics and economics. It is a study of higher level statistics and though few theories resemble this theory, it has its individual value. BookMyEssay has highly trained experts who can offer guidance towards Coefficient of Variation assignment writing help. This topic is studied by the statistics students at the university level. writing service on statistics assignment topic by us definitely helps the students to score good grades in their assignments. Our certified panel of writers has huge experience who can assist the students in every possible manner.

The Coefficient of Variation (C.V.)

A coefficient of variation or CV is interpreted and calculated in two different ways- analyzing one single variable and interpreting it. The standard formula of CV, ratio of standard deviation to mean is applicable to a single variable setting. In the modeling set, CV is calculated as RSME to mean of the dependent variable. In both these settings, CV is the ratio that is multiplied by 100. If the CV is higher then the dispersion is greater. In case the CV is lower, the residue is smaller relative to its predicted value.

Advantages of Coefficient of Variation

The main advantage of the coefficient of Variation or CV is that it does not have any unit. This way the CVs can be compared to one another in ways that measure the standard deviation.

  • In the variable CV: Standard deviation of the two variables though both of them measure dispersion cannot be compared in a good way for determining which variable has more dispersion as they differ greatly in the means and the units where they occur. Mean and the standard deviation is expressed in similar units so if the ratios of these two are taken then the units get canceled. CV can be used for making comparisons to the other ratios in a better way. The variable that has a smaller CV is not dispersed as the variable that has a larger CV.
  • In the CV model setting: RSME of both the models measure the residual’s magnitude, however, they cannot be used for making comparisons in a meaningful manner for determining which model offer better results. The mean of the variable and the model RMSE are expressed in identical units so when ratios of these two are taken, the units get canceled. This ratio can be compared to other ratios in a better way.


There are a few requirements that should be considered for interpreting the CV. One problem arises when the variable’s mean is zero. In this situation, calculation of CV is not possible. If the variable’s mean is not zero but it contains negative as well as positive value, then the mean is almost zero.

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