Chemical Engineering is the most exigent and hazardous subject to deal. The students of this stream do not live an easy life, even if they are psyched to get their dream job after graduating their course. Chemical Engineering or process engineering is a part of applied physics, mathematics, economics and life science to produce and transform chemicals, materials, and energy. The stream comprises of heat, momentum transport, mass, kinetic and reaction engineering, chemical thermodynamics, control and dynamic simulation, separation and unit operation.

What is the role of Chemical Engineers?

The Chemical Engineering is a scientific method that has introduced the recycling, treatment of diseases, cleaning water, generation of power/energy and so on other processes. They have been achievers in the various fields of energy, biomedicine, electronics, food production and materials, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, design and construction, pulp and paper, petrochemical, food processing, specialty chemicals, microelectronics and advanced materials, business services, biotechnology and environmental health and safety industries etc. It won’t be wrong to say that Chemical Engineering is involved everywhere in our life.

Why is Chemical Engineering underrated stream?

Chemical Engineering is an interesting stream to study. But, there are various problems related to this stream which upsets its aspirants. Even after extra hardworking during the course time its difficult to earn handsomely. There is not much scope for Chemical Engineers in the outer world unless you are interested to work in a small area with a low salary.  Other problems to related streams are that:

  • Heavy course load.
  • Students don’t have their personal life.
  • Jobs with small packages in the small area.
  • Working with toxic and hazardous chemicals which are risky for health and sometimes to life.

What are the scopes of Chemical Engineers?

Apart from many demerits, Chemical Engineers have scopes in various fields which are ted below:

  • To produce fabrics, paints, medical drugs, biomaterials, petroleum products.
  • They are also helpful in the fields such as architectural, basic chemicals manufacture,
  • Petroleum and coal product manufactures
  • Health care industries and so on.

The students of Chemical engineering assignment writing help have both interesting and awful study period in life. The innovation of human importance quality product and helping the mankind with developing better products makes it interesting. Chemical engineering is also said to have a fraction of medical studies course load. But the under deserving and unrated job opportunities even after hard working efforts is really disappointing for its aspirants.