Assignment Help on Freudian Theories

Assignment Help on Freudian Theories
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Assignment Help on Freudian Theories

What are Freudian Theories?

Sigmund Freud is recognized as the father of psychiatry. Among the major accomplishments, one of the most comprehensive personality schemes in personality in assignment psychology is the Freudian theory. According to him, personality develops via the interactions among the three fundamental structures of a human mind such as the ego, id, and superego. Conflicts that arise between these three and the efforts we make to find a balance among these three determine the way we behave as well as approach the world. At BookMyEssay, we can help with the most authentic Assignment help on Freudian Theories services. His main focus has been the focal point of several modifications, additions, and other interpretations. Despite numerous incarnations, the theory has been analyzed by many and it is the main point of hot discussions. We are a leading assignment help service provider and after availing our assistance composing homework and assignment help on Freudian Theories becomes easy. We offer a flawless assignment writing service. Our coursework writing services are affordable, 100 percent free of plagiarism, and on time. Apart from this, we also provide customized assignments. We have several assignments for a sample that you can consult and this shall give you an idea about our writings.

Freudian Theories- An Overview

Freud was a thinker. There is hardly any question whether he was influenced by previous thinking related to human mind; particularly the idea of activity inside the mind at conscious and also unconscious level but his approach towards the topics was highly conceptual. His theoretical thoughts were unique and original. It is evidence to the mind of Freud to realize whether you agree or disagree with his theory.

He believed that most of the sufferings of human are decided during childhood development. Freud put stress on the five phases of psychosexual development. The five stages are elaborated discussed in assignment writing help on Freudian Theories. When a child goes through these phases, there may arise unresolved conflicts between social expectation and physical drives:

  • Oral
  • Anal
  • Phallic
  • Latency
  • Genital

It is during all these stages the experiences are filtered over the three levels of a human mind. It is from the inherent conflicts and structures in the mind, your personality is shaped. According to him, there is a kind of interdependence among the three levels and every level serves a purpose. In this theory, the person’s ability to resolve inside conflicts at particular stages determines the functional ability of a mature adult.

The Id

The Id is the basis of these structures. It is concerned with the immediate gratification of the basic physical urges and needs. It operates completely unconsciously.

The Superego

The superego involves morals and social rules- just like what people call their moral compass or conscience. It develops as their child learns about what the culture thinks to be right or wrong. If your superego crosses a stranger, it will not take the ice cream as it knows it will be rude.

The Ego

In contrast to superego and Id, ego is the pragmatic and conscious part of the personality. It is less simple than the id and it is slightly conscious and also slightly unconscious. It is considered the “self” by Freud and its responsibility is balancing the demands of the superego and id.

According to Freud, the ego, id, and superego are in continuous conflict and the personality and behavior of the adults are ingrained into the results of the internal struggles during childhood. He believed that a person with a strong ego possess a healthy personality while the imbalances may lead to neurosis such as depression and anxiety and also unhealthy behaviors.

Though there are several advantages in Freud Theories, they are not minus limits. The limitations include narrow focus, Misogyny, no scientific basis, etc.

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