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Online Acrylic Painting Assignment Help

Acrylic Painting – An Introduction

Acrylic Painting is regarded as a contemporary art form which is a Synthetic Painting Medium. It is mostly linked to bright & bold art styles. Students pursuing a course in this academic front this painting is done by diluting an Acrylic Paint in water that tend to turn water-resistant once dried. This kind of painting, if done with right Layering Techniques, can bring about subtleness of Water colours and Oil Paints that can be really impressive to look at and pursue.

So, for students to be a successful painter and pursue this art with utmost perfection, it is important to gain familiarity with acrylic painting techniques which are discussed in detail in Acrylic Painting assignment help.

It is important for the students to employ correct Acrylic Painting Techniques, using perfect Acrylic Paints that can sit smoothly and adhere to different surfaces. Students who have knowledge of infusing the right technique in this kind of painting are empowered with enormous potential to put it right and make creative use of this kind of painting style. Such Acrylic Paints also boasts of a quality of permanence which assure sits long lasting nature. so, this kind of painting is free from Yellowing and Hardening as they grow in age. This is the reason why students love to work with quick drying acrylics than long drying oil paints that lose their impact and finesse in the long run.

Acrylic Painting – Meeting Expectations from the Final Draw

Students are given homework and assignments to create a painting using acrylic paint that are also available in limited colour palette. The finished painting as per the Acrylic Painting assignment writing help must hold essence and leave a lasting impression on the reviewer.

Some of the features attributed to Acrylic Paintings are included below:

  • Should convey a thoughtful composition along with specific area of balance, emphasis, and movement to attract viewer’s attention. It must have a background composed carrying interesting negative shapes.
  • The painting must have a colour harmony that can be chosen from analogous colours. The primary goals of using these colours is to take into account and showcase a variety of values and intensity while employing 2 or 3 hues that compose the actual colour harmony.
  • The painting must present evidence of using a specific painting technique of that are discussed in the segment below.

7 Indispensable Techniques for Acrylic Paintings Discussed in Acrylic Painting Writing Service

  • Watercolour Techniques: This technique is similar to using watercolours but with acrylic paints, the draw does not lose its brilliant transparent medium and don’t disturb the existing paint film.
  • Opaque Colour Blending: Use of opaque colours in this technique leave the paint layers looking non-transparent, blending all the shades using a clean, soft brush.
  • Sgraffito: Also known as a Scratching Technique, it is done by scratching into the surface using knives, brush tips or screwdrivers that is surfaced with Wet Paint to draw interesting patterns.
  • Safeguard the Drying of Paint: A painter must spray a light mist of water on the canvas layer to avoid drying up of paints.
  • Creating Fluid in the Acrylic Paint: This technique involves the process of mixing water to the Paints keeping the ratio apt as per thickness and the need of the Glaze.
  • Using Squeegee: As the name suggests, this technique involves putting some paint on the canvas and smearing it with squeegee to draw interesting designs.
  • Pouring Paint: This is possibly the most innovative of all the techniques in which a required quantity of paint is spread directly on the canvas surface which is then tilted to mix the paint leaving the blending to happen naturally.

Acrylic Painting Homework and Assignment Help Grading Criteria

The grading for such creative assignments is done on various aspects such as:

  • Use of color: Assessing the variation value, and colour harmony
  • Use of design principles: Which must represent an inventive thought
  • Best use of the specific technique: Such as glazing, scumbling, imprimatura, blending, brush strokes etc.
  • Use of correct reference materials: This must be assessed by comparing the final work done with the actual photograph to see if the panting has reproduced its values. It is important to get the values right with changed colours and techniques still making a reasonable representation of the aligned subject.

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